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Interested in owning a Sawara?
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Sawara offers one-of-kind and brand new franchise opportunity for who has not much budget to start with and no background career for cooking sushi.

Sawara, 1st Fast Sushi Express restaurant, as a franchisor that provides the vision and roadmap to improve the monthly, annual income and equity.

:: The next vision of Sawara

Sawara offer franchise opportunities to everyone which is not matter that you don’t know how to cook rolls & sushi because Sawara will train every single one or provides you sushi chef!

If you are interesting in our franchise program, please feel free to contact us anytime or come visit our location!

Why Choose Sawara?

If you are thinking about a burger, pizza or sandwich franchise, think again.
As these concepts to continue to struggle, Asian fusion is predicted to be next long term trend in franchise business. So if you like a little or no competition, Sawara is your opportunity to be ahead of the curve. Sawara – fresh rolls & sushi express restaurant offers the best & unique Asian fusion flavors under the roof!

Sawara has put together a delicious variety of flavorful and healthy meal choices from 28 state’s popular & top selling rolls & sushi in one menu.

This is your dream opportunity to become part of the hottest asian fusion concept in the US.

With our unique, delicious, flavorful and healthy sauce, Sawara expect to see incredible growth in express restaurant business.

Our menu is very portable which makes catering an important revenue stream.
Through our proprietary training, we will show you how to capitalize on our profitable store.

- One on one service from the day you sign the agreement.

- Very creative menu development, exciting offerings.

- Impressive marketing support and tools for your success.

- Authentic “casual dining”design, efficient and youthful.

- Very cost effective build out options, including cost saving conversions!

The store operation has been thought out and refined for you. Everything from the kitchen procedures, to the point-of-sale system operation, is presented to you in the form of extensive training for operating the SAWARA system. And to stay on top of the latest food trends, the Sawara Head Chef keeps new and innovative recipes coming from the Sawara main model restaurant.

:: Concepts

Sawara has 3 different store concepts.
Unlike others, Sawara gives you multiple ways to make money!

1. Dining – takeout – delivery – catering
2. Take-out Only
3. Take-out & Delivery & catering

It depends on the location and size of restaurant.

Please fill out the contact form on this page, and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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